Brugge die Scone

Brugge Die Scone


Baked scalops – corail sausages – juice of green leeks – shells

Filet of hake with condiments – grey schrimps from Zeebrugge – fennel
brandade with juice of schrimps

partridge baked in wineleaves - potatoes mousseline - caramelized jonagold apples - wild mushrooms

Selection of affinated chees


Dessert with fruit flavours


Dessert with chocolate and griottes


Dame blanche “Générale”

Menu 163.00 €

On saterday evening we only serve the menu Brugge die Scone or à la carte

The menus are served by table.

Adjustments in the menus can be charged supplementally.

last order 13.00u & 20.00u

menu subject to adjustment due to market supply
thank you for your comprehention

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